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svg rocket ship flame
svg rocket ship flame
svg rocket ship flame
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Skyrocket Your Business with SEO

A launchpad for SEO-focused websites that are optimized for your customers. Stand out and reach new heights with SEO-first web design and development services.

Hello! I'm T.J.

In the vast galaxy of digital marketing, my goal is to be a guiding light to those seeking user-focused websites and data-driven SEO services.

How do I do this?

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headshot of T.J. Higgins from Higgins Web Solutions

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The Interstellar Process

I treat my clients better than my girlfriend, learn how below. (Don't show her this)


First and foremost, I need to learn more about you, your galactic enterprise, and your target customers.

Questions I'll ask:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What does your business provide and how do you do so better than anyone else?
  • How do your customers use the internet along their buyer's journey?

*Bonus points if you already have a buyer's persona and brand style guide established.

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a fictitious depiction of a retro astronaut behind a spaceship control module with space in background


With these and many more cosmic queries resolved, I can more accurately embark on the galactic odyssey that is SEO. What additional pages must we create to ensure we cast the largest net possible? If you want to catch the big space kahuna, you’ll need a big rocket ship!

I will begin discovering every relevant keyword your target customers are searching in Google and prioritize the creation of new pages and optimization of existing ones so we capture potential customers at every phase of the buyer's journey. All of this research will be shared with your team in multiple formats and will help us thoroughly build out your website in a way that search engines (and your target customers) love.


With a thorough understanding of your target customers and what terms they're searching in Google along all phases of the buyer's journey, it's time to create new and optimize existing pages to ensure we're casting the most extensive net possible. I offer various pricing options depending on how aggressively you want to tackle your target market and improve your site.

I will coordinate the creation of user-focused content that is optimized for search engines and ensure each page has clearly identified and measurable goals so we can track it's success.

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a fictitious image of a space organization that has colonized a new planet

Measure & Grow

Prior to any work being done, a comprehensive dashboard will have been created and shared with you and your team so we can monitor all aspects of performance. Are new visitors doing what we want them to on the site? Are search rankings improving and garnering more traffic? This data will help me continue to refine the website.

‍Throughout our professional relationship, will rinse and repeat this entire process infinitely

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“It’s a pleasure working with TJ. He provides very good updates on projects and has completed everything we throw at him. Highly recommend!”
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Matt A.

CEO, Aerial Armor
(A Dedrone Company)

Your Cosmic Guide

Learn how I will support you every step of the way


Find answers to the most common questions I receive about my SEO & web design/dev services.

Why web design/dev + SEO?

In my experience, I've found with small to medium-sized projects; it's much more efficient for me to be able to design and develop new pages along with search engine optimized-content and various technical and on-page SEO improvements. With Webflow, there is no need to farm out web dev services.

In many cases, without prior SEO or with a relatively small website, a redesign and restructuring are typically needed before kicking off an SEO campaign.

What do you charge?

After understanding the scope of your project, I can better estimate the total cost and the timeline. Very basic websites cost between $1,000 and $2,000 total for design and development.

SEO campaigns are normally a 6-month minimum commitment between $1,000 and $3,000 per month dependent on the competitive landscape within your niche and how aggressively you want to improve your site's organic performance.

Why Webflow?

I prefer to only work with Webflow websites because they are the most extensive no-code website-building platform in the galaxy. I've spent too much time going back and forth with WordPress developers and messing with other CMS platforms. Webflow FTW!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process of optimizing websites to improve their visibility in organic search across the various search engines.

SEO can be one of the highest digital marketing revenue channels for many different industries because people trust search engines and tend to start their buyer's journey with an online search.

How Can I get Started Working With You?

The process starts by filling out my contact form to request your free SEO audit. I will email you back within 1 business day requesting a few more things from you before I can begin auditing your website.

This audit will help me better understand how much work your site needs to get the results we want and will provide you with a transparent view into my SEO strategy so you know exactly what you're getting into.

improving SEO data shown following the launching of a new site by Higgins Web Solutions

Don't Get Left Behind

Any page behind #1 in Google search is a great place to hide a dead body. Don't be a dead body on the web. Get a FREE SEO audit to see how many website visitors your site is hiding from in organic search.