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Higgins Web Solutions is an SEO-focused web design agency that delivers out-of-this-world results for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Higgins Web Solutions is committed to unraveling Google's algorithm and connecting you with more customers. We have worked with various businesses, from local catering companies to worldwide airspace security businesses.

Meet The Pilot-In-Command

Hello! I'm T.J. Higgins, founder of Higgins Web Solutions, an SEO-focused web design agency based out of Spencer, Indiana. I have a background in aeronautical engineering and have had many different roles in aviation, having spent time as an engineering technician for a jet-engine manufacturer and as an A&P mechanic at a service center and a corporate aviation outfit for a Fortune 500 company.

After learning the basics of web design and web development, I fell in love with Search Engine Optimization and have made that my focus ever since.

headshot of T.J. Higgins from Higgins Web Solutions

Customer testimonials

Learn what it's like working with me.

"My go-to SEO pro! In just my first few interactions with TJ, he delivered tremendous value to help improve my real estate website. He took the time to audit my site and gave me a step-by-step, actionable guide to boost my search rankings and ultimately, generate traffic from interested land buyers. His knowledge of SEO and the clarity in which he explains his suggestions are top-notch."

Chris P.

Real Estate Entrepreneur

"T.J. did a SEO Audit for a website I had developed and within minutes the value he provided was top notch! I used to work for a agency and now freelance so I can spot out someone who's actually knowledgable in this subject. T.J. is that type of person and would highly recommend!"

Chris P.

Freelance Web Developer

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